Many industries are now viewing cloud computing in the context of how it can help them succeed in an evolving marketplace. Cloud & Beyond’s industry focus enables a strong understanding of industry specific challenges, drive differentiated and innovative vertical technology solutions, and help clients set new standards of enterprise performance.

Industry verticals

Cloud & Beyond helps technology companies innovate, evolve and outperform by adopting mega trends towards service-based consumption models, digital ecosystems, and intelligent automation.

Cloud & Beyond helps healthcare ISVs, providers, payers, and services companies deploy HIPAA compliant software that is easy to use & maintain, scalable and adheres to regulatory compliance mandates.

Cloud & Beyond helps brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce companies, and hybrid retailers leverage emerging technologies to streamline operations, and derive meaningful insights into consumer trends and preferences, while driving global delivery and omni-channel customer engagement solutions to meet demands of the new digital world.

Cloud & Beyond helps manufacturing companies embrace emerging technologies that can improve plant productivity, integrate supply chain operations, achieve better resource utilization and intelligent automation, and enable better reporting.

Cloud & Beyond helps energy companies leverage technology to innovate and remain prepared to tackle inherent industry challenges such as price fluctuations, regulatory compliance and focus on clean energy products.

Cloud & Beyond helps logistics and distribution enterprises leverage emerging technology trends to achieve enhanced visibility into logistics operations, better asset utilization, cost reduction, and customer centricity.

Success Stories

  • Custom App Development for PLM Workflow Management Automation
  • Customer Portal Re-design for Drug Testing Services Company
  • E-commerce Storefront Enhancement for Online Art Gallery
  • Embedded Software Kit Development for Appliance Upgrade
  • SharePoint based Intranet Portal Functional & UI Enhancements
  • Supply Chain solution for Electronic Component Distributor

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