AI-Driven Enterprise Solutions

Cloud & Beyond’s intelligent automation platform, cabNexT empowers enterprises to take the big step forward in increasing the quality and efficiency of their business operations.

cabNexT uses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Machine Learning, which enable enterprises to do more with less, expedite process execution, and make resources available for more valuable work.

cabNexT enriches your data picture and leverage more accurate predictive models by leveraging huge data sets, real-time data, intermittent “bursts” of data and other data sources. Do massively parallel scoring for big data applications.

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities

Mining Medical Records

cabNexT provides obvious application of AI in medicine for Mining medical by Collecting, storing,normalizing, tracing its lineage.

Squashing Financial Fraud

cabNexT uses critical sophisticated machine learning to catch fraud in banking and mobile payment transactions.

Marketing Automation and Programmatic Advertising

cabNexT’s marketing automation tool gives you actual insight into who to focus on. Not everybody is your customer. Find out who is and concentrate your marketing automation efforts on them.

Programmatic advertising will likely involve competing AI systems, altering bids and ads in real time (overseen by humans, but acting autonomously to optimize for a goal).

Insurance Advice and Claims Processing

Consumers expect personalized solutions, and AI makes it possible by reviewing a customer profile and recommend for only insurance products that suits best for them based on set criteria.

AI is being used to improve this process and move claims from initial report to communicating with the customer. In some cases, these claims do not require any human interaction at all.


cabNexT perceives its environment well enough to identify events and take action against a predefined purpose. cabNexT is particularly good at recognizing patterns and anomalies within them, which makes it an excellent tool to detect threats.

Sales Automation Services

cabNexT recommends what sales reps and agents can do today to progress active deals – such as schedule a meeting or send additional information – as well as suggest the best approach, offers, and content to generate new leads.

Key Benefits




Intelligently automate repetitive and programmatic tasks and build complex systems that help transform your business.




Free up resources to channel creativity, passion, and imagination into those tasks with greater value to the organization.




Empower continuous transfor- mation of systems and processes to meet the challenges of the dynamic business environment.

cabNexT Suitable for


Advertising & Marketing



Procurement Operations

Customer Service

cabNexT – The Future of Intelligent Automation