The 5 Phases of Transforming Your Business


  • Mission, Purpose, Values
  • Organizational opportunities and needs


  • Talent and capabilities
  • Technology


  • Target audiences
  • Business models


  • Processes and work practices
  • Collaboration and agility


  • NPS, Customer Satisfaction
  • ROI, ROCE, etc.

Digital Transformation Services

Application Services
  • User experience & interface design
  • Application design and development
  • Testing, compliance & assurance
  • Modernization & upgrades
  • Maintenance & support
  • Application integration
  • Saas implementations
  • Software implementations
User Experience Design
  • Business understanding
  • User understanding
  • Analytical research
  • Design approach, concepts and wireframes
  • Information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Integration support & testing
Information Management & Analytics
  • Data & analytics strategy
  • Data management
  • Modern data warehousing
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance management
  • Advanced analytics
  • IOT analytics
  • Information governance
Testing, Compliance & Assurance
  • SQA consulting & advisory
  • Functional & regression testing
  • Devops continuous testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Automation strategy & test automation
  • Industry specific testing

Why Clients Choose Us

Expertise & Experience

Our expertise and extensive experience in traditional, virtual and cloud is unique in the industry. We help clients successfully plan, build, run and govern next generation IT environments.

Cost Effective Solutions

Through all stages of a project, from planning to  developing to implementing the solution, our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Customer-centric Focus

We are customer focused and we are always available.We have a strong working relationship with all of our clients.

Digital solutions on leading platforms


We specialize in end–to–end SharePoint Consulting for implementation, integration, custom development and migration


We help Salesforce users extract more value from their sales, marketing, and customer service processes through custom developed applications built on the platform.

  Open Source

We have expertise implementing leading open source software solutions for ecommerce, web content management and api-driven web portals.

  Custom development

Cloud & Beyond leverages a wide stack of development technologies including Microsoft.NET, Java, PHP, C++, Python and Ruby on Rails to develop and deliver custom applications

  Office 365

Cloud and Beyond offers a complete suite of Office 365 consulting and migration services to help you seamlessly transition to a cloud-based platform.

 Dynamics CRM

Cloud & Beyond has end-to-end capabilities in Dynamics CRM from strategy formulation, creating implementation roadmaps, to analytics and custom reporting.

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation